Oh. My. Gah….

Uh-oh… this is soooooo going to be my wedding! Now that I’ve seen this, there’s no going back. Get ready, Mom and Dad! All I need now is to find a guy with the right dance skillz…



I spent a day with Madonna, a singer who happens to be a Yankees fan, who was in town to see her team play the Rangers.  People hear this and immediately jump to the funniest conclusions! 🙂  Madonna decided to come to Dallas, so we set up a pretty spur-of-the-moment photo shoot.  I really had a lot of fun getting to know her, as we spent the better part of the afternoon driving around Fort Worth.  I hope she enjoyed her stay in DFW!  Turns out she and my family are practically neighbors in Louisiana, so hopefully we’ll run into each other again sometime!  In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites from our day of shooting.













What’s New?

Updating the blog and website have been on my “to do” list for, like, 6 months. I’m hoping in the next week or so to get some things done about it! I’ve been tossing a few ideas around in my head for new and impressive changes, but in the end I think I’ll stick with what I’ve got and tweak things to the hilt. It’s worked for me thus far, and to be honest, I love my site. As for the blog “design”… eh. I don’t care for it too much in it’s current state (obviously), but haven’t been too sure what I want to do with it. So I’ve done nothing. I feel like I’ll be more excited about it, and therefore more apt to blog, if it’s fresh and fun. So we’ll see what I can do about it, what with my limited knowledge of the inner workings of website construction. I’m sure some of you are saying “who cares?” Well, I don’t know who cares or who doesn’t, but as long as I’m putting my plans up here on the blog for you all to read, I’m just that much more likely to follow through. So thanks for holding me accountable!

Since I haven’t been doing very good with the blogging lately, I figure a lot has happened that you, my dear readers, may or may not have known about. So here’s just a handful of hightlights from the past few months:

IMG1005 copy

I finally decided that apartment living was no longer for me. Actually, I had known that for a long time, but until recently hadn’t felt ready to make the “grown up” decision to buy a house. Needless to say, I got fed up with cramming me and mine into a teeny apartment and paying The Man my hard earned money every month, and I bought a house. So here’s the casa. The only thing I had to give in on was the front garage. I’ve never liked them (still don’t, actually), as I don’t think it does much for the curb appeal to have a garage door overtaking the front of the house. But it was a great house (brand new!) in a great neighborhood, in an area where I wanted to live, and the price was nice. So I bought. I wish it were that simple, though. I actually packed up my apartment and had to sit amongst the boxes for about a month while setback upon setback arose in the closing process. After a few weeks of this, and a couple of false alarms (“okay, we can close this afternoon! Oh, wait…. nope. Looks like it’ll be another week or two…”), and a few tears shed, I finally was able to move in. And I love it! Do you see that yard? I mowed it myself, thankyouverymuch. And that flower bed (sans flowers)? I weeded that. Ah, the pride of homeownership.

IMG_5992This is my office. This is where it all happens, folks! I painted it myself. Sunwashed blue. Or is it more green? Doesn’t matter. I love, love, love my office. It still needs a few more touches, such as some more fabulous pictures on the walls, but who has time to mess with pictures??? Oh. Me. That’s right. See those cute curtains? I made them myself. See that mini chandelier? I wired and hung it myself. See that desk? It makes me feel important. See that bowling pin? I stole that, back in my criminal days. It was part of a recidivistic behavior pattern. Recidivistic – look it up. See that TV? I’m watching a movie on TBS. It’s showing for the fourth time today.


Walls are not the only thing I’ve been painting. If you know me, you know I love to paint. I’ve had fun making some large scale paintings for the house. This is one of my “masterpieces.” I’ve really been having fun introducing festive new colors into my decor (but I’ve still kept the red, because it is, after all, my signature color). I do so enjoy painting. From cameras to canvases, there’s something very satisfying about creating art.

Oh yeah – I darn near broke my foot in a tragic accident that will go down in history as “The Jumprope Incident of 2009” (may also be referred to as “FractureFest ’09”). Remember when you were a kid, and jumping rope was something you did for fun? You could jump rope for hours while singing little songs about Miss Mary Mack and Cinderella kissing a fella and whatnot? Well, add a decade or two and it’s no longer a carefree sport. You can get injured. I mean, actual go-to-the-doctor injured. Who knew? Of course, I waited a few weeks to go to said doctor, and I continued exercising on that foot, etc. Finally I went to get it checked out and found I would be able to wear this oh-so-attractive footwear for a month or so. This didn’t stop me exercising on the foot, mind you, which might be why after 4 weeks when I was done wearing the boot, I immediately went running and re-fractured it like a genius. Me and the boot. We were good friends after that.

IMG_0905Went on a cruise.  A concert cruise on the Music Boat.

IMG_0965To the Bahamas.

IMG_0969Did I mention it was free? Feel free to hate me now. 🙂

IMG_0978Made friends with rockstars. Now, you’ve probably heard me throw around the term “rockstar” rather flippantly. I like the word. But these were honest to gosh I’m-kind-of-a-big-deal rockstars. And they were just hanging out all week. By the pool, on the beach, touring the Bahamas, sitting next to you at dinner, saying ‘hey’ to you in the elevator… It’s one thing to see a band you love in concert in your town. It’s a different image entirely to see them hanging out in swimsuits and flip-flops. They’re real people, totally cool, and just as pasty white as me.

IMG_0993Because of my ridiculous hookup on this cruise, I was able to actually sit onstage during the farewell concert on the last night of the cruise (this was by far the most largely attended concert of the week). I don’t know if many people can say they’ve sat onstage during a concert they went to see. But I can. And it was awesome. Especially after I got over my initial unease about having all eyes on me for most of the pre-concert festivities. I’m pretty sure that no one was paying me much attention once the music started.

So that’s a lot of what’s been going on these past few months. Oh, there’s been more, but I don’t have photographic evidence of such and figured a lengthy writeup followed by a “man, you should’ve seen it!” just wouldn’t do. So I chose dialog to go along with the pictures I had. You see? Always thinking of you, of course. So yeah. I’m hoping to have more adventures this summer (only no more house buying or injuries, please). I’ll try to do better and post whatever I have going on. It may be a wedding, it may be baby pictures, it may be more of my fabulous (ha!) life. Be warned.

Peace out,


Happy Easter!

Tap tap… anyone there???  Do I have any readers left out there???  I have pictures to share of an Easter cutie!  Little Miss Haley Marie donned her Easter fineries last week for a quick picture session.  I had a good time hanging out with Haley and her mom and dad, and even picked up a few gardening tips during my time at Haley’s house. 🙂  She is such a sweet and even-tempered baby.  I couldn’t believe how happy she was, even though I was interrupting what would normally be her nice Sunday afternoon nap.  I don’t think I would be quite so understanding if someone disturbed my Sunday afternoon nap.  Even towards the end, when Haley literally started wilting and laying her head down, she still had a big smile on her face.  Of course, it may have been because Mommy and Daddy were keeping her entertained by performing hit song ballads from the 80’s…




The next few are especially funny to me because we sat her in a chair next to a window, and she immediately decided that whatever was outside that window was tremendously more important than any amount of whistling, clapping, snapping, cooing, or any other noise we could think to make.  She.  would.  not.  look.






Then Daddy saved the day by whipping out the guitar.  With a little help on vocals from Mommy, and lyrics provided by the once great 80’s glam band, Poison, Haley perked up and got downright giddy.



And then she got tired.


So tired.



Soooooo tired.


Time to put this little Diva to bed!


Merry Christmas!!!

Thanks be to the internet (and my good friend, Steve Hayes…), I’ve stumbled upon a truly unique rendition of “O Holy Night.”  If you’re feeling particularly festive, feel free to click on the link below to listen to this original take on the classic.  A little insight into why I love this version so very much:  it sounds just like my brother.  Well… it sounds like something he would do, at least.  Mike’s singing voice was beautiful, but he tended to lean towards the overdramatic from time to time, just to get a laugh.  And, well, if you couldn’t count on him to bring the entertainment, there was always Steve Hayes.  I can picture either of the two performing such a song in just such a fashion.  So, enjoy with light heart and an open mind. 🙂


Blogging Hiatus

I figured I better post something… ANYTHING… to keep the questions at bay.  I realize that I took a nice 5 month blogging hiatus, and that I did so unannounced.  I know many of you love Wendi and Jared, but are tired of seeing them on my blog.  By the way, they’re married now.  Doing just fine, I hear.  I also know that some of you worried that I was dead/dying.  I’m okay.  Summer happened, work happened, and then buying a house and moving happened.  As soon as I moved, I threw myself right back into work, foregoing unpacking the boxes that plague me still.  So fear not, blog readers.  You are not the only ones that have been neglected because of my busy schedule.  The as of yet unadorned walls of my new home have been neglected as well, leaving them blank and white.  And I’m a girl who needs a little decor going on in her casa.  So things have been sacrificed all around.  So now we find ourselves here at Christmas time, and I have a wedding I’d like to post pictures of, but it may have to wait until after Christmas.  For you see, I’m trying to make it home for the holidays today… and I have a million things to do before I can walk out the door.  So blogging today may have to consist of a pictureless post, and a promise to put up some photos next weekend from Melissa and Denver’s amazing wedding.  Hopefully I’ve baited you all to stay tuned until then!!  Maybe I’ll even get a wild hair and blog some pictures this week from the Spratt family Christmas festivities.  Oh, good times.  Good times indeed!  But I don’t know how interesting these would be to you, since most of my time at home consists of eating.  So stay tuned, dear friends.  And I hope you all have a very merry Christmas this year!

Wendi and Jared

Oooo… I’ve been bad about blogging.  I have a million things I’d like to post, though!  I have several weddings, some engagement portraits, and bridal portraits galore.  However, the time has come to start off the summer vacations, beginning with leaving tomorrow for Washington.  Well, it’s a “working vacation,” meaning I’m vacationing around the Seattle wedding I’ll be shooting on Saturday.  What a tough life!!! 🙂  All of the blogging I really want to do will have to wait just a bit longer.  Stay tuned!

Back to the couple I intended to blog about, Wendi and Jared.  We all got up early on a Thursday morning, praying that a fluke Texas cool front would roll on through (it didn’t), and headed out to take some pictures.  We had great fun and were able to stay mostly in the shade.  I’m excited about getting to work with Wendi and Jared through the whole wedding process!  They are such a cute couple, and have big plans for running a marathon together this August.  August???  Wait, whose idea was that?  Wendi is an experienced marathoner, and I’m pretty sure Jared can hold his own as well, so more power to them as they train in the hot summer months ahead.  Now that’s determination, my friends.  I could never do it.  Wendi knows this, as she and I work out together in the mornings (ahem… 5:30 a.m., thankyouverymuch).  She’s seen me wheeze my way down the road many a morning.  A marathon runner I will never be.  Sigh…

Okay, okay.  Enough about the fact that I’m the slowest runner on Earth… here are some of my personal faves from our morning outing.

I laughed out loud when I saw the next picture.  I’m sooo posting it online for all the world to see.  Heeheehee… (*insert mischievious laughter*)